Monday, 7 March 2011

Useful JMS-related Glassfish and OpenMq commands

Below are a few Glassfish JMS admin commands and some useful OpenMQ commands (to query, purge and list) which can be be used in scripts to perform tasks as opposed to performing the same procedures via the Glassfish or OpenMQ admin consoles:

Glassfish JMS Commands

To clear previous JMS setup

asadmin delete-jms-resource <JMS_TOPIC_RESOURCE_NAME>
asadmin delete-jms-resource <JMS_TOPIC_CONNECTION_FACTORY_NAME>

To create the JMS Topic Connection factory

asadmin create-jms-resource --restype=javax.jms.TopicConnectionFactory --property transaction-support=LocalTransaction --description="JMS Topic Connection Factory." <JMS_TOPIC_CONNECTION_FACTORY_NAME>

To create the JMS Topic resource

asadmin create-jms-resource --restype=javax.jms.Topic --description="JMS Topic" <JMS_TOPIC_RESOURCE_NAME>

To list JMS resources

asadmin list-jms-resources

OpenMQ Commands

Query the JMS resources

imqcmd query bkr  -b <host>:<port> -passfile <password file> -u <user name>

Purge the Topic (or Queue)

imqcmd purge dst -f -passfile <password file> -n <topic name> -t t -b <host>:<port> -u <user name>

List the message rate and packet flow

imqcmd list dst -passfile <password file> -b <host>:<port> -u <user name>

An example output from the list command would be:

Listing all the destinations on the broker specified by:

Host         Primary Port
localhost    7676

             Name                Type    State      Producers        Consumers                  Msgs             
                                                 Total  Wildcard  Total  Wildcard  Count  Remote  UnAck  Avg Size
JMSTopic                         Topic  RUNNING  0      0         1      0         0      0       0      0.0
mq.sys.dmq                       Queue  RUNNING  0      -         0      -         171    0       0      5273.322

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