Friday, 21 January 2011

Java Blogging and Tweeting

The idea behind this blog is to remind myself of all the useful bits of code I come across whilst working on projects and contracts. On numerous occasions, I've spent hours resolving problems on one contract only to hit the same problems on another so by putting nuggets of Java code up on the web, I should have no excuse in spending hours resolving the same problems I've encountered before. It'll also be retrospective and not just about problems I come across on current contracts, so if I can remember useful stuff from the past then I'll post about those too.

The posts may stray into the realms of build tools like Maven, test frameworks like Mockito, application servers like Glassfish and JBoss, and platforms like Android but in the main it'll be about Core and Enterprise Java.

As for the Twiiter account, there will be tweets about new blog posts plus me writing down all those daft thoughts that enter your head whilst staring out of the window at work. Also in amongst the tweets will the odd football rant about the ups and downs of Swansea City !

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